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    「生命轉彎處 沿途仍有愛」事工年報 “Life in Transition, Love Endure Forever” Annual Report 2019-2020
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
    主在旁相伴 GOD Walks By the Side
    逆境中保護 Protection in Adversity
    愛是沒界限 Love has No Boundary
    你並不孤單 You are Never Alone
    聯繫無休止 Never Stop Connecting
    齊心建國度 Build His Kingdom Together
    身心靈關懷 Holitic Care
    無私的承托 Selfless Supports
    財政報告 Financial Report 2019

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    臨別感言 Parting Reflection
    精神健康事工 Mental Health Ministry
    化了裝的祝福 Blessing in Disguise
    給教會的小貼示 Tips for Churches
    中信抗疫同行配對基金計劃 CCM is with You Matching Fund Campaign
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    你們是世上的光 You are the Light of the World
    特殊需要兒童及家庭支援事工 Ministry for Families with Children with Special Needs
    化了裝的祝福 Blessing in Disguise
    不同時間中不同方式的共同探索 Navigating Together in Different Forms at Different Times
    家長回應 Responds from Parents
    董事會主席特別報告 Announcement from our Chairman
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    中信與你抗疫同行 CCM is with You
    COVID-19 醫生話你知 Fighting the COVID-19
    勉勵的話 Words of Encouragement
    健康習慣小貼士 Healthy Practices
    情緒小貼士 Emotional Tips
    中信需要您的奉獻支持 Support CCM by Donating
    加拿大中信中心支援熱線 Canada CCM Centre Support Hotline
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    新一個十年 A New Decade
    加拿大中信海外宣教契機 CCM Canada Overseas Mission Opportunities
    哥斯達黎加 工場點滴及事工需要 Costa Rica Info. & Ministry Needs
    短宣分享 STM Sharing
    創啟地區 Creative Access Regions
    泰北短宣 Northern Thailand STM
    宣教教育 Education on Overseas Mission
    加拿大中信海外短宣契機 CCM Canada Overseas Mission Opportunity
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    事工年報 Annual Report 2018-19
    文字宣教 Literature Mission
    小城宣教 Small Town Mission
    海外宣教 Overseas Mission
    城市宣教 Urban Mission
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    迎接新的40年 Welcoming the Next 40 Years
    難忘往事 Think Back…
    對社區貢獻 Impact on Community
    前瞻與期望 Looking Forward
    誠徵 Recruitment
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    孤單的世代 The Lonely Generation -續 continued-
    加拿大中信慈善基金會 CCM Canada Charitable Foundation
    基金會屬下基金 Endowment/Charity Funds under CCMCCF
    感恩和分享 Thanksgiving and Sharing
    靈命成長靠主恩 Spiritual Growth by God’s Grace
    溫哥華中信書室消息 Vancouver CCM Bookroom News
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    孤單的世代 The Lonely Generation
    中信輔導服務及家庭教育事工 CCM Counselling and Familty Education Ministry
    青年精神健康計劃 Youth Mental Health Initiative
    同負一軛-滿地可中人中心家庭教育服務一瞥 Bearing the Same Yoke – A Glimpse into the Family Education Service of Montreal CCM
    卡愛跨城輔導團隊 INtercity Counselling Team of Calgary and Edmonton
    卡城愛城社區講座 Community Seminars in Calgary & Edmonton
    中信靈機輔導服務 CCM Linkage Counselling Service
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
    為神作見證的輔導 Counselling to Witness God

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    又良善又忠心的僕人 Good and Faithful Servants
    小城宣教事工 Small Town Missions
    小城探訪體會 Experience from Small Town Visitation
    探訪後感 Reflection after Visitation
    萬事互相效力 All Things Work Together for Good
    被訪者心聲 Testimonies from Small Town
    金新宇牧師/教授宣教事工基金 Rev. Professor Sing Yui King Mission Ministry Endowment Fund
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    神恩四十載 God’s Grace Throughout Forty Years
    靈命造就事工 Spiritual Formation Ministry
    生命樹 樹立生命 Tree of Life – Building up Lives
    真理長流 Unceasing Truth
    媽媽禱告網中信小組 Moms in Prayer Group @ CCM
    同工每早崇拜 Staff Daily Worship
    祈禱退修日 Prayer Retreat
    靈程導向 Spiritual Direction
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    事工年報 Annual Report 2017-18
    文字宣教 Literature Mission
    小城宣教 Small Town Mission
    海外宣教 Overseas Mission
    城市宣教 Urban Mission
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    回家 Returning Home
    中信約定里 Appointment with CCM’s Neighbours
    關顧長者訓練班 Caring for the Elderly Training Course
    長者事工 Ministry for the Elderly
    長者關顧服務 Services for the Elderly
    『一聆一』電話關顧服務 One to One Telephone Caring Service
    長者大廈外展服務 Outreach Service at Senior Housings
    預防認知障礙症小貼士 Tips for Delaying Cognitive Impairment
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    敞開天上的窗戶 Opening the Floodgates of Heaven
    愛民頓:異象與使命 Edmonton: Visions and Missions
    上帝眷顧的城市 A City Loved by God
    愛城信徒分享 Sharing by Edmonton Christians
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

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    黃金花 Tomorrow is Another Day
    男人的眼淚 Men’s Tear
    中信男人事工助我活出模範男子漢 Men’s Ministry of CCM Turns Me into a Model Man
    參加男人新天地的得著 Gleaning from Participation in Men’s New World
    男人的另一片天 Men’s Another Sky
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
    男天事工主席感言 Reflection from the Chair of Men’s Ministry

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    落在地裡的麥子 A Kernel of Wheat
    斐濟宣教之易與難 Missions in Fiji – Easy or Difficult?
    一位在斐濟的中國女士信主的心路歷程 The Faith Journey of a Chinese Lady in Fiji
    風雨裏的祝福 Blessings in the Storms
    為福音車籌款 Fundraising for Gospel Van
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
    參與宣教是生命的轉化 Transformation of Life Through Missions

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    禱告的事奉 The Ministry of Prayer
    福音接觸點 Contact Points for the Gospel
    耶穌喜愛小孩 Jesus Loves the Little Children
    我的一個故事 My Story
    簡單的木結他 The Simple Wooden Guitar
    教授平板電腦與傳福音 Teaching the Tablet Computer and Proclaiming the Gospel
    神手中塑造的奇妙英語 Wonderful English – Molded by God
    全人關懷 Holistic Care
    懷念王永信牧師 Remembering Rev. Thomas Wang

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    事工年報 Annual Report
    文字宣教 Literature Mission
    小城宣教 Small Town Mission
    敬拜查經, 福音預工 Worship and Bible Study, Evangelism
    海外宣教 Oversea Mission
    關顧 Caring
    輔導及家庭教育 Counselling & Family Education
    兒童及青少年培育 Children & Youth Ministry
    社區教育及服務 Community Education & Services
    興趣才藝班 Interest Classes

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    由祈求到感恩 From Prayer to Thanksgiving
    青少年事工-溫哥華 Youth Ministry-Vancouver
    個人反思 Personal Reflection
    暑期同工反思 Summer Staff Reflection
    2017年青年領袖訓練營營友反思 Reflection from Campers of 2017 Youth Leadership Camp
    青少年事工-多倫多 Youth Ministry-Toronto
    加拿大基督少年軍 The Boy’s and Girl’s Christian Brigade
    我們是基督少年軍一家人 We are the BB Family
    青少年事工-滿地可 Youth Ministry-Montreal
    青橄欖團契 Green Olive Fellowship
    青橄欖見證 Green Olive Testimony

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    耶穌走遍各城各鄉,在會堂裡教訓人,宣講天國的福音,又醫治各樣的病症。 馬太福音 9:35 And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. Matthew 9:35
    卡加利 – 中信資源中心 – 特殊需要兒童及家庭 Calgary – CCM Resource Centre – Special Needs Children & Families
    華語家庭服務聯絡 FSCD/Family Liaison
    益智兒童手鈴班 Hand Bell Class
    手足情 Brotherhood
    專業輔導 Professional Counselling
    家長關懷互相小組 Parents Care & Support Group
    福音聚會 Evangelistic Meetings
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
    溫哥華 – 不一樣的家長互助組 Vancouver – “A Different Kind of Parents ” Support Group

  • 2017年5-6月 | 下載PDF檔
    我是羊的門 I am the Gate for the Sheep
    親子教育事工 Parenting Ministry
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

  • 2017年3-4月 | 下載PDF檔
    共同努力, 齊收莊稼 The Harvest is Plentiful
    教會/神學院/小城宣教的伙伴關係 Partnerships between Churches/Seminaries/Small Town Missions
    小城祈禱會 Prayer Meetings for Small Town Ministry
    栽種小幼苗 Planting of Seedlings
    用愛的生命傳福音 Proclaiming the Gospel with Love
    小城宣教體會 Small Town Missions Experience
    小城宣教點滴 Tidbits of Small Town Mission Trips
    五至六月卑詩省探訪出隊時間表 BC Small Town Visitation May-June Schedules
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

  • 2017年1-2月 | 下載PDF檔
    聆聽主聲 Let Go and Let God
    多倫多中信中心 Toronto CCM Centre
    經歷神恩的「聽證會」 God’s Blessing at the Public Hearing
    農曆新春聯歡慶祝 Celebrating Chinese New Year
    當義工 – 是神憐憫 It is God’s Mercy to be a Volunteer
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner
  • 2016年11-12月 | 下載PDF檔
    2015-2016加拿大中信事工報告 CCM Canada Ministry Report
    文字宣教事工 Literature Mission
    海外宣教事工 Overseas Mission
    小城宣教事工 Small Town Mission
    城市宣教事工 Urban Mission
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

  • 2016年9-10月 | 下載PDF檔
    上帝的作為 The Acts of God
    夢想可以成真嗎? Can Dreams Come True?
    菜田隨想 Muses on Visiting CCM’s Vegetable Garden
    大地的管家 Stewards of the Great Earth
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

  • 2016年7-8月 | 下載PDF檔
    誰是我們的鄰舍? Who is Our Neighbour?
    已不再一樣了 No Longer the Same
    寂寞的厄瓜多爾 Ecuadorean Loneliness
    Angela 歡鬆會 Angela Farewell Party
    代禱欄 Prayer Corner

  • 2016年5-6月 | 下載PDF檔
    「無所求」的「祈求」 Prayer That Asks Not for Things
    卡城中信中心 Calgary CCM Centre
    中信一人一故事劇場/用心聽 CCM Playback Theatre / Deep Listening
    特殊需要兒童及家庭資源中心 CCM Resource Centre
    輔導服務 Counselling Service
    音樂感官課程/代禱欄 Music Stimulation Class / Prayer Corner

  • 2016年3-4月 | 下載PDF檔
    施比受更為有福 It is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive
    福音平台 Gospel Platform
    見證分享 Testimonies
    在數碼化世界中 In the Digital World

  • 2016年1-2月 | 下載PDF檔
    繼往開來的服侍 Carrying On the Heritage, Paving Way for New Frontiers
    泰國短宣 Thailand Short Term Mission
    短宣隊員感想 STM Members Reflections

  • 2015年11-12月
    2014-2015年度活動報告 2014-2015 Activities Report
    1. 福音事工 Evangelism
    2. 基督徒靈命培訓事工 Strengthening Christian Discipleship & Spiritually
    3. 關顧服務 The Caring Ministry
    4. 長者事工 Ministry to the Elderly
    5. 婦女事工 Women’s Ministry
    6. 男士事工 Men’s Ministry
    7. 輔導服務 Counselling Ministry
    8. 子女教育工作 Parenting Ministry
    9. 兒童及青少年事工 Children & Youth Ministry

  • 2015年9-10月
    建立「家庭的頭」- 男士事工 Building Up “the Head of the Family” – Men’s Ministry
    神的心意 男人的天職 Men’s Vocation in God’s Design
    「男士的天空」點滴 Tidbits from “Men’s World”
    參與中信男士事工後感 Reflections from the CCM’s Men’s Ministry Training
    中信男天事工小組的啟示 Observations from Men’s Ministry Small Groups
    大溫地區男士事工問卷調查分析結果 Survey of Men’s Ministry in Greater Vancouver: Result Analyses

  • 2015年7-8月
    「人子阿,這些骸骨能復活嗎?」 “Son of Man, Can These Bones Live?”
    滿地可中信中心 – 異象與策略 Montreal CCM Centre – Vision and Strategies
    愛 傳送 Love from Above
    青橄欖團契 The Green Olive Fellowship
    2015心靈加油站 2015 Refueling Station for the Soul

  • 2015年5-6月
    耶和華豈有難成的事麼? Is Anything Impossible for the Lord?
    多倫多中信中心 – 上帝的異象和恩典 Toronto CCM Centre – God’s Vision and Blessing
    渴慕神的話 Longing for God’s Word
    神在這裡祝福我 Finding God’s Blessing
    「男人新天地」的我見 Reflections on the Men’s New World Ministry
    義工見證 Testimony
    禱告事項 Prayer Items

  • 2015年3-4月
    宣教情、天國兵 Kingdom Warriors with Kindred Hearts
    瓜亞基爾工場近況 The Guayaquil Ministry
    見證 Testimony
    兩個對厄瓜多爾科隆群島的看法 Two Perspectives of the Galapagos Islands
    泰北短宣 North Thailand Short-term Mission

  • 2015年1-2月
    家為…之本 Family, Foundation of…
    家庭事工 - 正面管教 Family Ministry – Positive Parenting
    「正面管教」課程分享 Sharing on “Positive Discipline”
    熊抱抱 Bear Hug Time
    家多一點愛 Home, A Bit More Love
    執子之手兩心知 Holding Hands as Soulmates for Life

  • 2014年9-10月
    短宣體驗 Short Term Missions Experiences
    海外短宣-厄瓜多爾 Overseas Short Term Missions-Ecuador
    同學分享-創啟地區 Sharing of Students-creative access region
    短宣後感 Short Term Mission Reflections
    陳恩明音樂分享會 Corinna Chamberlain’s Concert

  • 2014年7-8月
    時代的呼聲 Calling of the Times
    中信刊物 CCM Magazines
    中信月刊在傳福音上所擔任的角色 The Role of Chinese Today in Spreading the Gospel
    文字宣教電子化實踐篇 The Realization of the e-Literature Mission
    愛履同行 Walk for Love
    加拿大中信35適年感恩活動 CCM Canada 35 Years Thanksgiving Events
    懷抱情緒有時 Embracing the Gift of Emotions

  • 2014年5-6月
    負傷的治療者 - 中信靈機輔導服務 The Wounded Healers – CCM Linkage Counselling Service
    藉輔導去關心神所關心的 Reaching out to those God Cares so much Through Counselling
    婚前輔導 Premartital Counselling
    甚麼是輔導? What is Counselling?
    義務肋人 Volunteer People Helping
    中信單親互助小組 CCM Single Parent Support Group
    懷抱情緒有時 Embracing the Gift of Emotions

  • 2014年3-4月
    天災人禍 - 神的信實與人的信靠 Disasters – God’s Faithfulness and Man’s Trust
    中信卡城輔助中心 Calgary Service Centre
    同工祈禱會 Staff Prayer Meeting
    一人一故事劇場 CSC Playback Theatre
    長者音樂體驗小組 Music Group for Seniors
    痛失之後 Following a Painful Loss
    屬靈導引 Spiritual Guidance
    青年事工 Youth Ministry
    才德婦女天地 Virtuous Women’s Space

  • 2014年1-2月
    與時並進的文宣 Moving Forward with the Times – Literature Mission
    文字宣教的前景 The Prospect of Literature Mission
    中信書室的角色 The Role of CCM Bookroom
    中信讀書會 – 閱讀是逆流的活動嗎? CCM Reading Clubs – Is Reading Counter-Cultural?
    從讀書會帶來的屬靈追求 Spiritual Thirst from the Reading Club
    閱讀樂趣多, 同行成長路 Reading is Fun, Growing in the Journey
    讀書樂、愛讀書、愛學習、愛追求! Joy of Reading, Love of Reading, Love of Learning, Love of Pursuit!
    中信婦女讀書組的喜與樂 Joy and Fun in CCM’s Ladies Reading Club