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Through the partnership with Canadian Red Cross, COCM Canada, and Canadian Baptist Ministries, CCM Canada has created this portal, to give updates from the war zone, such as refugees displaced to Poland and Romania, the works of local churches and missionaries, prayer requests, and channels to donate. We encourage you to join us to respond in action by supporting the following organizations.



COCM Field Director, Rev. Roger Wu, and their field missionary, Pastor Robert Liang, are the main Chinese missionaries based in Eastern Europe to serve the mission field these days.

Their needs increased drastically due to the recent war in Ukraine. Not only do they have to tend to the spiritual need of the Chinese people there, but also care for the holistic needs of the many refugees in the region.

The only Chinese Church in Poland, the Warsaw Chinese Christian Church, received a lot of Chinese who had to escape to Ukraine; these are residents, students, and Christians in Ukraine. Poland received the largest number of refugees. They have needs, spiritual and physical.

Thus, Warsaw Chinese Christian Church is in need of funds to meet the rising needs of the refugees.

COCM Canada would like to appeal to our brothers and sisters for donation support.

Your donation will support the following needs of the refugees:

  1. The ministry by Poland Baptist church that supports Ukrainian families who have fled to Warsaw.

  2. Warsaw Chinese Christian church that has already started to receive members from Ukrainian churches, and Ukrainian refugees.

  3. Settlement centres at Warsaw that provide shelter, food, and transitional needs for the refugees.  The churches are also looking for rental places to receive more refugees.

  4. The ongoing and long-term services that the churches providing to the refugees.  There are about 1 million refugees, mostly women and children, have fled to Poland.  For children, their immediate needs include emotional support, physical care, and education.

  5. A sufficient and suitable venue for us to rent, and hiring of professionals that came from Ukraine.

  6. The rent of the property we found.  It can accommodate over 20 people but has a minimum 2-year lease with a rent of CAD $5000 per month.

The first batch of donations from local churches and groups was already wired to the Warsaw church in Poland. COCM Canada remits 100% of the donations received for this project. Bank remittance fee paid by COCM.

Due to the overwhelming number of refugees, Poland has an extreme shortage of accommodations and daily supplies. Local churches in Ukraine are facing an increasing need for food and medicine.

We thank you for your prayers for the Ukraine Refugee Evangelical Ministry, please continue to support COCM Canada’s missionaries and refugee efforts by donation.

To learn more about COCM, please visit their website:

COCM contact no: 1-604-889-9988

Donation Cheque payable: COCM Canada

Memo: Refugee Outreach Project

Please mail your donation to: P.O.Box 32528, Richmond, BC, V6X 3S1 Canada

Please print your address clearly for COCM to issue your donation receipt.

Interact E-transfer receipient:

* Please remark: “Refugee Outreach Project” and provide your legal name, address and contact no.

Please note that CCM Canada is only receiving your online donation on behalf of COCM.
COCM will issue the donation receipt and follow up if needed.


Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)

As the conflict increases, Ukrainians across the country have fled their homes, evacuating to neighboring countries. The U.N. estimates the wave of refugees could reach 5 million. As part of the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), CBM is immediately releasing funds to support the response of the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and the Ukrainian Baptists as churches open their buildings to host refugees and provide essentials, such as food, clothing and personal hygiene supplies.

One of our CCM Canada colleagues – Pastor Rici Be joined a team from Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) to participate in coordinated efforts with All4Aid in Romania to welcome and serve the Ukrainian refugees. Here is his appeal: Rici Be (

We desperately need your prayers and monetary support to provide the necessities for Moldova and Ukraine Baptist Union to continue their efforts. They are receiving refugees and providing them with emergency shelters. To learn more about the efforts and updates of CBM’s work, please visit: CBM Ukraine Crisis website

Children and their families are bearing the burden of the escalating crisis in Ukraine. Will you help CBM to respond to their needs?


The conflict in Ukraine is having widespread and devastating humanitarian impacts.

Red Cross workers on the ground have seen civilians trapped in underground shelters for fear of shelling, health facilities struggling to cope, and families with limited access to water, food, and electricity.

Red Cross teams are providing emergency relief items, delivering water to hospitals and municipalities, supporting health facilities, giving psychosocial support, and providing aid to refugees from Ukraine in neighboring countries. The Canadian Red Cross is sending personnel, relief supplies, and financial aid to scale up our humanitarian assistance.

Please give today to help those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Your support could help:

  1. Relief Items: Distribute vital relief items like blankets, baby items, food, water, and hygiene kits.

  2. Medical Supplies:Provide medical supplies to hospitals, including insulin, medications, and war-wounded kits.

  3. Humanitarian Specialists Send Canadian Red Cross humanitarian specialists in areas like health, shelter, and operations management.

February 25, 2022. Olenovka, Ukraine.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and local Red Cross carry out a water distribution in Olenovka.

Photo: ICRC

March 1, 2022. Kyiv. Even amid fighting that limits humanitarian response, the Ukrainian Red Cross is supporting people and communities affected by conflict. Ukrainian Red Cross is providing food and basic necessities to thousands of people hiding in bomb shelters and metro stations.

Photo: URCS/Trebukhov for

March 7, 2022. Lublin, Poland.

People who have fled Ukraine, can stay at this shelter near Lublin. The Polish Red Cross supplies beds and blankets, but also food and water. A week and a half after the violence in Ukraine escalated, around 300 people have taken temporary shelter here, mainly women and children.

Photo: Netherlands Red Cross