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Like a Loving Mother, God watched over our family during COVIC-19
Run! Fire! Run!
A Deserter’s Long Way Home
Ready for Heaven
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Trusting God When It Hurts
The Doctor Who Prays for His Patients
He Found Me!
When Dad Listens
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Mother and Son — A Journey unto the End
G. E. M. — A Precious Life
Rescue in Calamity
Growing on the Hill
A Miracle Touch
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Celebrating Me: The Beginning and the Ending of Depression
Muyonga’s Victory: A Missionary Story from Zambia
Letting God be the Man
Loving Children in Poverty
| Download PDF
A Fugitive Youth Finds Family and Faith
Healed from Depression
Broken and Blessed
God So Loved Joy
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Twice Through a Parent’s Worst Nightmare!
Theistic Evolution: Bad Science, Bad Theology, or Both?
Sex Before Marriage
God Did Not Play Favorites
Stress and Peace
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The Ultimate Success
From the Congo to the U.S. – God’s Goodness Saw Me Through
Reconciliation Through Embrace
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Out of Darkness
The Oldest Orphan
The Long Road Home
My Beloved Alexander: A Life Cut Short
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The End of the World Bombshell
The Gift of Dyslexia — A Homeschooler’s Graduation Speech
The Divine Cell Tower
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Kenya – A Faith Assignment: How We Lived And Served
Rekindling A Fading Marriage
Is Russia the Nation from the Uttermost North?
A Generation Z-er Finds True Faith
Jul-Sep 2018 • Vol.57 no.3 | Download PDF
A Gambler’s Serendipity
I Could Have Died!
The Man and His Message: How Billy Graham Influenced My Life
My Half-a-Million Deal
Little Brown Church
Remembering CCM Founder Thomas Wang
Apr-Jun 2018 • Vol.57 no.2 | Download PDF
One Tragic Night
Hard to Forgive
Bryant’s Song
My Broken Heart of Stone
Jan-Mar 2018 • Vol.57 no.1 | Download PDF
Abused No More
Hope in the Dry and Weary Land
Abortion – Minus the Father’s Voice
I am Not Speaking to You
Oct-Dec 2017 • Vol.56 no.4 | Download PDF
A Vietnamese Orphan, an American Serviceman, and God’s Amazing Plan
Forever in Our Hearts
When a Superwoman Meets Love
My Life… Beyond My Dreams!
The Story of “Dr. Love”
Jul-Sep 2017 • Vol.56 no.3 | Download PDF
Lessons I Learned in the Dark
The Father of Electricity: Michael Faraday
Between God and the Listener
My Wife Died
Apr-Jun 2017 • Vol.56 no.2 | Download PDF
When the Walk Gets Hard… and Harder!
When the Outcasts Meet the Forgotten Ones
Mission Starts at Home
Testimony of a Greek Christian
Confessions of a Former Perfectionist
A Wife’s Hearing
Jan-Mar 2017 • Vol.56 no.1 | Download PDF
He Should be Dead… Twice!
My Recent Experience with God, the Almighty Orchestrator
A Glorious Calling
Galileo – A Christian of No Pretense
Sometimes Life Stinks
Oct-Dec 2016 • Vol.55 no.4 | Download PDF
My Son is Transgender!
The Scar No One Sees
An Alcoholic’s Redemption
My Grandfather – Leaving a Legacy of Blessing
I’m Just an Ordinary Mama
Jul-Sep 2016 • Vol.55 no.3 | Download PDF
Besides Still Waters: A Geophysicist’s Path
Passing the Drug Test!
Blessed in Sickness
Falling in Love with Jesus – Again!
What Are You Living For?
Apr-Jun 2016 • Vol.55 no.2 | Download PDF
Science, Intellect, and the Rationale of Christian Faith
From the Cabbage Patch to Kathmandu
On the Way to Homeschooling
A Walk Through the Book of Romans
Kay’s Journey to Faith
Jan-Mar 2016 • Vol.55 no.1 | Download PDF
My Cup Overflows
The Church in My Life
My Life in Retrospect – at Age 93
The Bet You Can’t Afford to Lose
Walls, Fences, College and Calling